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17th Edition 2382-15

E-Learning wiring regulations tutorial and Exam

Jamie Dale
2017-11-17, 10:10
Very innovative way of learning, the tutorial and sample questions really get you prepared for the exam. Great advice given prior to exam starting, really impressed with Elecropass, very interested in their other courses. have already recommended them.
Alex W
2017-11-16, 20:48
A morning exam in Bristol and I passed. What is not to like :-)

Affordabe and no need to take time off work to study. Highly recommended I'd say.
Paul johnson
2017-11-16, 17:45
The learning process is excellent.just put the time in to do all the mock papers and then the exam is easy. I will be enrolling for the part p next
mark osborne
2017-11-13, 00:16
Easy to use online course. Well worth it.
2017-11-12, 20:08
The course is an excellent way to prepare and pass the exam. Structured for you to easily understand. mGood advice given on the day
Victoria Rivero
2017-11-03, 15:21
would definitely recommend this course to any one looking to pass the test, I found the the course very easy to understand and Im very satisfied with it.
Chris Toon
2017-10-25, 16:43
Great course format, so easy to follow. Have recommended electropass to my colleagues also looking to gain this qualification.
2017-10-16, 20:07
Fantastic service and price
Mike C
2017-10-06, 15:50
What great course and at terrific price. The online study course was amazing and very comprehensive. We received great advice at the test centre and I passed first time!! Thank you Electropass!!
James Whitlock
2017-10-06, 12:45
Great course with excellent, well presented slide show. Very useful mock exam questions help prep for the real thing.
Volodymyr K.
2017-09-22, 22:28
Great course. Highly recommended whether beginner or with some knowledge. Thank you.
2017-09-05, 00:42
A very easy going approach to e-learning with good practice questions and mock exam. all round good course to recommend.
Luke Boulton
2017-08-14, 10:59
Very pleased with the course, im a non electrician i passed first time!!
Excellent advice on the day also!
2017-08-10, 17:52
Excellent learning package easily the best format on the market why sit in a classroom for 3days
diego aguilar
2017-07-21, 13:52
I would definitely recommend this course to any one looking to pass the test, I found the the course very easy to understand and Im very satisfied with it. Value is a plus.
R Woolman
2017-07-20, 17:42
Very good course , if you do all the test questions you will definitely pass no problem
David Evans
2017-07-17, 17:10
This course did exactly what I wanted; a strong pass, no time taken off work and all done within a week!
The multiple test papers and mock exams really helped timekeeping on the day.
Highly recommended and great value.
2017-06-26, 11:31
Would highly recommend, the presentation guide was so easy to follow and was able to learn anywhere that suited me. Wouldn't go anywhere else!
2017-06-15, 11:59
Well designed and organised course, value for money too!
2017-06-15, 11:25
Highly recommended, if you cant get time off work and are self motivated, these are the people for you. Everything you need to pass the exam.
Laurence V.
2017-06-12, 19:08
The online course it so good than in one week i was able to pass the exam . The mock exam really tests your knowledge .Its very good . Good luck
Tony Hemmings
2017-06-08, 17:14
Great Service, have taken both the 17th Ed and Part P, very easy to follow with great revision resource.
2017-06-02, 07:44
On line course was very easy to use and quickly helped me to navigate the regs .
Exam was well explained
Kevin G
2017-06-01, 13:43
Great job excellent course put me at ease on the day many thanks. Great way to gain the 17th Edition
2017-05-01, 08:08
The online course makes it easy to understand and pass the exam.
I saved time and money with no loss of work hours
This course is by far the best value for money.
Exam centres availablity local with a choice of morning or afternoon time slots
Now I have the 17th edition I can apply for a lot more jobs.
Thanks Rob
Andy Kreslins
2017-04-27, 12:30
Excellent course, easy to follow online tutorial. If you do the tutorial and all mock exams you will pass the test. I did and you will do. Highly recommended!
Darren page
2017-04-24, 11:44
A perfect way of gaining the qualification. The presentation and practice papers ensured I became fully conversant with the regs. The exam facilities were good and I felt confident and prepared. Real value for money.
Lyndsay Scriven
2017-04-24, 09:29
I undertook my 17th edition with electropass and found the ease; comfort and control of my own learning pace a really helpful key with the online tutorial. Defiantly a good course for price, highly recommended. I'm pleased that I Pass with a good score. Would recommend to anyone wishing to gain their 17th edition.
Paul nigel butler
2017-04-21, 13:33
Needed to update qualifications and these guys ticked all the boxes
Extremly proffesional and helpful and will defiantly be using them again for the 18th as and whe it come out .
Credit to the industry
peter pritchard
2017-04-08, 08:18
Have just passed the 17th edition course and found the online tutorial very helpful and easy to follow. course cheaper and more conveniant then going to college every week highly recommend have already booked part p course for next month
David Stocks
2017-03-07, 09:37
Having been out the game for a while, I needed to get my qualifications uptodate, Electropass provided me with the learning tools and revision materials to cofidently take and pass my test. The response time from the tutors, when I had a question was impressive and the invidulator who oversaw the test helped put us at ease.
Thank you, when the regs change to the 18th I know who'll be getting my business.
Krzysztof Szymaniak
2017-02-03, 18:54
I spent lots of time to find the cheapest course for 17th edition and found Electropass. I'm pleased. Quality of the tutorial is the best, explaining every stage and part of the book and what to look for. I read the book and spent 2 weeks on tutorial and now I will say I PASS. My next course to take will be Part P and only with Electropass. I highly recommend.
2017-02-03, 17:15
I am so glad for doing my course with electro pass, the way the course is designed make you easily get ready for the exam, the level of customer service was brilliant and the price of the course is definitely a bargain. I studied my course in a short time and passed the exam first time. I would surely and happily recommend electro pass to any body who wants to do the course.
2017-02-03, 09:20
Very good coarse would recommend to do this coarse to anyone
2017-01-31, 12:36
Passed the part p and 17th edition with these guys great causes and brilliant communication
2017-01-08, 20:20
Very pleased with the course, didnt try the tutor side as i didnt really need to. As a non electrician i passed first time!!
Excellent advice on the day!
2017-01-06, 23:38
This is truly the best bargain around to pass your regulations exam. I even received my certificate within 2 weeks. Electropass you are tops!!!
2016-12-20, 11:20
Cannot praise this system enough, sit down at your leisure to do the test papers and 2 hour mock exam, brilliant, and certainly helps your pass marks
Tony Nicholson
2016-12-17, 20:47
I am very pleased that I did the wiring regulations with this provider. I was as prepared for the exam as I could be and feel confident in my ability to use the book now.
2016-12-15, 23:09
Take's all the hassle out of passing exam
Mick D
2016-12-12, 17:44
Very good course which prepares you well for the exam.
Colin Radford
2016-11-21, 21:53
Excellent online course, plenty of practice questions. I knew I would pass before I read the first question. I highly recommend it.
2016-10-29, 21:19
Excellent online course, with a little revision it was no problem to pass. The exam moderator made everyone feel at ease. Worth the money :)
Krzysztof Horzynski
2016-10-21, 18:57
I did both exam's, and both the chaps there where very help full
and put me at ease, Good online course and support Strongly recommended
Yihenew Abateneh
2016-10-19, 13:39
Great product and well presented. made the course a lot more easier.
well done electropass.
2016-09-29, 11:48
Great choose!! High recommended! well done electropass
2016-09-27, 20:23
Fantastic easy to understand tutorial, excellent experience with electropass
d peel
2016-09-06, 15:35
Great product very well presented and prepares you for exam . Well done all at electropass
2016-09-02, 17:41
Great way to save time and travel costs if you live away from the colleges. Its all about repetitive bashing the book and you will get plenty of practice on this course - didn't need any support, got 95%
2016-08-20, 23:13
Good online course and support, would recommend.
Kevin cooper
2016-08-16, 18:08
Enjoyed the course better still the result easy course would recommend these people would do another course with them
2016-08-05, 19:40
good online support, good value for money, would recommend.
Simon Lynch
2016-08-02, 11:39
This course was fantastic of allowing me to carry on at work while setting me, an non-sparky, up for the exam which I passed first time. I really recommend this course and will be telling others at work to use it.
2016-07-03, 20:09
Like the Part P course, excellent tutorial and sample papers.

Passed with 93%
2016-06-10, 23:28
The method of learning presented by electropass made it simple for me to learn and pass - Thanks
2016-05-08, 09:43
Very friendly and helpful teacher I would recommend.
2016-05-01, 21:55
Great Experience I have been searching e-learning and this is the only company providing cost effective and helpful services. I have successfully completed both courses they offered.
2016-04-24, 22:50
Very helpful and well presented slides which really helped to me to grasp understand the use of my wiring regulations book. Really enjoyed the online course and made it very convinient for me to practise in my own time. Thanks I really recommend using Electropass!
2016-04-21, 19:37
excellent course value for money and exam and personnel well organised work done at home in your own time
2016-04-10, 20:40
Good course would recommend.
2016-03-29, 17:13
Very straight forward course easy to follow would recommend to anyone enjoyed every moment of it thank you very much
Des SE London
2016-03-24, 18:17
As a qualified electrician updating the 17th edition, I thoroughly enjoyed the learning materials of this course, straightforward, concise, efficient along with C&G certificate on completion. I definitely endorse this course for other electricians. Thanks Chiris.
Steve Hammond
2016-03-07, 16:43
Hi I would like to thank electropass this has to be by far the best way doing this exam good tutorial at home and sensible locations for exam and the price is probable the best going Thanks Electropass
Matt M
2016-03-05, 22:44
As a practicing electrician of 10 Years getting the 17th edition was a must and at a great price and with genuine people behind the scene! I highly recommend! Nice simple way of going about the revision and then sit your test! Cheers Graham!
2016-03-05, 22:13
Excellent value for money. Informative online course. Tutor very helpful. Would highly recommend.
2016-03-05, 14:02
Done my 17th edition with electropass, revision we got was very good, would highly recommend using electropass, a lot cheaper than other companies
2016-03-05, 11:15
I have had many courses and Exams for Electrical Cod in different countries but non of them where so help full and easy to understand. Thank you Electropass Ltd !
Sam Azad
2016-03-05, 11:11
Only have good things to say about the course and the tutors. Great experience!
paul jones
2016-03-05, 09:04
I did both exam's, and both the chaps there where very help full
and put me at ease,
As i am an old electrician (haha)
it was quite hard to get the gray matter into exam mode.
but i would recommend electropass to anybody,
many thanks Paul Jones .
Warren Reibbitt
2016-02-29, 09:48
Easy style of learning , take it at your own pace, nice friendly exam process, excellent value for money, many thanks any thoughts on expanding range to testing ?
Graeme Jones
2016-02-18, 12:41
Great instruction on how to navigate the 17th edition manual. Exam is no dawdle but if you practise the search techniques given here, it's doable.
richard fletcher
2016-02-14, 12:56
staff were brilliant, good guidance from start to finish would recommend this curse to anyone.. the exam does try and throw a curve ball by confusing questions but got there in the end.
2016-02-11, 12:15
Materials were on point thus very helpful and tutors are friendly and professional. Highly recommended.
2016-01-31, 07:23
They were really helpful, it was a good experience. Strongly recommended!!
Youngseo Chi
2016-01-30, 12:18
Strongly recommended to all International students who wish to get 17th Edition 2015 qualification in the UK, thank you for Electropass. I am so pleased.
2016-01-22, 11:37
Very happy with tutorial
Strongly recommended
2016-01-22, 00:21
i found electropass very helpfull and course cost is very reasonable, i will recommend to other people to study with electopass
Gareth Tatler
2015-12-11, 18:53
Very accessible way of doing the 17th Edition. Good straight forward tutorial and plenty of example questions. Just follow the course and you can't really fail the exam. Cheaper than most and study from the comfort of your own home if you can manage to stop procrastinating.
Steve Nicholls
2015-12-10, 14:15
A very cost effective way to obtain your 17th Edition 2015 qualification. The tutorial and exam sample questions are concise and I would recommend you to others wishing to take this route.
Milan Bartko
2015-12-06, 23:55
Great course. I have to say, I am so pleased I did. You can study from home , Excellent support. Many Thanks.
Dave Stocks
2015-11-29, 18:34
First time I have tryed home study and was brilliant would definitely recommend !
Many thanks
Julian Roper
2015-11-28, 18:42
Always wanted to pass my 17th edition but never got around to doing it. Bought a copy of the regs (big yellow book) for 60 pounds and booked the course allowing two months study time. ElectroPass are quick to respond to emails and very helpful with the exam.
Tom wilson
2015-11-28, 15:56
Great course. Very well presented and not only is it cheaper than the rest but you can study from home. Nice bunch of people too. Many thanks
Mel Trechsler
2015-11-25, 17:03
Great courses would recommend to anyone.
Steve MacDonald
2014-11-26, 14:05
Just thought I would drop a line to thank you for such an excellent well executed 17th edition training course.
Although I have been trying to study towards the City & Guild 2382 17th Edition qualification for some months, I have found it difficult to concentrate and find a way to encapsulate the information I have been reading within the BS7671:2008.
I searched many training establishments weighing up the pros and cons between many and ended up deciding on your Electropass course. I have to say, I am so pleased I did. Not only does your course embed a way of understanding the regulations, but also made me realise I did actually know more than I gave myself credit for.
Your course has given me the fundamental understanding of how to utilise the BS 7671 17th Edition Regulation book as a complete reference tool and not (as I was trying to do) as knowing the regulations inside out. It has also given me the confidence to apply the referencing techniques on any future tasks whilst knowing that I may not have the answer now, but I know I will establish that said answer.
Once again, many thanks, and I will be recommending this course to colleges within Tesco Maintenance.
Kashif Ahmed
2014-11-15, 13:04
Just to let you know I found the course very helpful and informative. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to progress as an electrician. Thank you for all your help.
Ian Smith
2014-10-21, 19:22
I found the course both interesting and informative. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course and the Training Company to any technically competent person who wishes to keep abreast of current Electrical Regulation Standards.
Part P 2393-10

E-Learning building regulations tutorial and Exam

Colum Ryan
2017-11-15, 17:04
Comprehensive online course for people that can't afford to spend 3 Days in a classroom. The Course content is clear and the example exams are informitive and modular. Overall a very swept up way to learn and gain valued skills. Excellent value for money does exactly what it says on the tin. Next 17th Addition
2017-11-04, 10:08
A fantastic home-study set up and, if you have the self-discipline to thoroughly revise on your own you will definitely pass. The online tutor support that I received was excellent, too. I certainly will be using electropass again!
Rob Wilkins
2017-10-06, 18:11
Great value for money course. Tutorial and test papers were excellent and I was able to learn in my own time.
2017-09-05, 19:12
Highly recommended, this is my second time with electropass.
Steve Deans
2017-09-01, 19:48
Great course that was well presented. and with the exam on a Saturday meaning I didn't have to book time of work. Perfect , I would definitely recommend this course an I hope to do the 17th edition with Electro pass
peter pritchard
2017-06-01, 19:48
just passed the part P exam highly recommend this way of studying very convenient, not having to take time off work to go to college will definitely sign up for another
2017-05-16, 09:42
spot on ,was a little wary of these type of courses ,but after talking to Graham went for it and on Saturday just gone yay passed ,moving on to 17th with Graham,so fingers crossed .
john king
2017-04-20, 09:49
really happy with everything to do with the on line tutorial, and indeed the way the exam on the day was handled by Graham Swan
2017-04-09, 12:03
Great Course. Presented in a concise manner. The practice exam papers simulate the actual exam. Very helpful tutors ready to answer any query and go the extra mile. Highly recommended AAA +++
2017-04-06, 10:29
Excellent course and value for money. Very well organised and presented. You can study from home via online learning platform :). Thanks Electopass!
M Peters
2017-02-05, 20:24
Really friendly and supportive.
I New loads of answers from the mock exams electropass have set up.
Thanks for your help
Julian S
2016-12-22, 20:42
I recomend this course 95% pass. .Significantly cheaper than the attended '5 day course' offered by well known oversold course proevider
Dermot McLaughlin
2016-12-22, 19:59
I was so impressed with the simplicity of the course material and very happy with my 90% pass mark. I would recommend this course to anyone. We are all very busy people but Electro Pass allowed me to study in my time and at my pace. 5 Stars, thanks.
2016-12-17, 20:52
You will not regret using this provider. Affordable, effective, and flexible.
Mark Kemp
2016-12-15, 15:11
Great course from beginning to exam, I used the on-line tutorial and old exam papers, highly recommended.
Thank You.
Barry Hodgetts
2016-11-28, 13:47
Enjoyed the online course and the past examples which were very good in preparing for the exam. I was disappointed I only managed 95% but a pass.
Joel W
2016-09-05, 18:38
Great value for money and tutorial was right on the mark for my exam preparation. Helpful tutor so highly recommended. Big Thanks to Electopass!
2016-08-16, 18:53
This is the second time I have used this company after also successfully passing the BS7671 exam last year.
Very easy, honest, reliable service at a great price.
Easy locations to get to by train for exams (London and Doncaster for me).
Highly recommended.
Simon Lynch
2016-08-02, 11:40
I did this the same time as the 17th edition. It was a great course, for me a non-sparky, and I passed first time with ease. I really recommend this course for everyone out there.
Daniel Ratcu
2016-05-22, 16:45
I would like to thank the tutors for a well organised course and also an economical one. Highly recommend.
Mike Horrocks
2016-05-16, 21:18
Did both Part P and 17th edition courses with Electropass. I found the courses very informative and easy to follow this definitely helped me to pass both the exams first time, I have no hesitation in recommending Electropass.
Ray Armstrong
2016-05-16, 07:48
Excellent training material and passed with 95%. Far cheaper than other training providers.
2016-05-01, 22:01
Great Experience and very helpful with any question and study information. Very compete time and effective and I have completed both courses they offered successfully. Thank you
2016-04-29, 15:51
This was a really great course for me. I was able to study at home when I had free time. The course notes were great, with all the important detail and it was good to have a load of past papers to practice too!
Dave B
2016-04-02, 16:18
The Part P course is well written and there are 12 past papers to have a go at once you finished the tutorial. I passed the exam first time round. The tutor support is brilliant. I recommend this course to anyone who is wanting do study from home.
2016-03-06, 20:30
Very professional!Strongly recommended!!
Paul Gibbs
2016-02-28, 20:50
First class online course. Instruction is spot on and staff are excellent. Response from them with any queries is very efficient. Would recommend this course without doubt.
Graeme Jones
2016-02-18, 12:43
Great course! Focuses on all the important bits and lots of practice material.
john adams
2016-02-04, 17:40
online learning really agrees with me.i can't go to tech college after work as don't always finish work at same time and travelling to a course either feeling tired or spending money on hotels is also less than appealing.
studied when i had time and felt in a learning mood.practice exam questions are especially good to help learning.being honest i studied a lot less than i should have.still had a score of 95% though :)))))))))
Steve Hollins
2016-01-14, 21:06
Very pleased with the online course and support from the Electropass Tutor which enabled me to pass the City & Guild online exam with a score of 95%. Received certificate within three weeks! Many Thanks Electropass
Neil Redrupp
2015-12-20, 10:41
Great way to do a course that doesn't interfere with work. Really nice people to deal with. Don't go anywhere else. Now planning on don't 17th edition with them
2015-12-09, 16:37
Easy and user friendly online course. Great communications. And very quick to obtain results.
Chris k
2015-12-07, 10:13
Simply and easy to do, save yourself time and money by studying when u feel like, i revised for 4 hours prior to the course and got 95% :)
Bernard Riordan
2015-11-25, 19:51
I would like to thank the tutors for a well organised course and also an economical one and will recomend it to anyone



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