Terms & Conditions


By clicking submit on your enrolment form you are agreeing with the following Terms and Conditions.

Course duration is from the date of your enrolment until the date that you have booked to take your exam.

From enrolment, you have 7 days period in which to reconsider your decision to enroll with electropassltd, during this period you can cancel the course and receive a full refund during this period you can also change the date and location of your exam at no extra cost. After the expiry of this 7-day period you are not entitled to a refund.

Up until two weeks before your exam, you can make one exam re-arrangement at a cost of £95+VAT (18th Edition course) £95+VAT (Part P course) after this time the re-arrangement fees are £150+VAT (18th Edition course) £150+VAT (Part P course).

If you fail the exam you are entitled to one re-sit at a cost of £95+VAT. You will be supplied with a code that will enable you to re-book at a reduced price.

It is your responsibility to attend the exam on the date and time that you chose when booking your course if you fail to attend or arrive after the exam start time your course will be counted as terminated you will be required re-enroll onto another course paying the full course fee again. 

If we cannot verify your identity by means of photographic ID when you attend the course electropassltd will not supply you with either your City & Guilds Certificate or e-certificate until a suitable ID has been provided to us.

You are responsible for supplying electropassltd accurate and correct contact information in order to receive course information and certificates. Any certificate amendments needed as a result of you supplying incorrect information may incur City & Guilds charges which you are responsible for together with a £12.50+VAT administration cost.

Your Certificate will be forwarded to you by ourselves within 3 weeks of your exam date unless there is a delay in us receiving it from City and Guilds. Fast track e-certificates are available within 3 working days. Any certificates returned to us as a result of non-delivery or failure to collect will be retained by electropassltd and will be available for collection.

If you purchased an e-certificate it will usually be issued within 2 working days of Succesful completion of your exam. 

If your course or exam does not run for unforeseen circumstances out of the control of electropassltd such as an evacuation of the premises used then electropassltd will arrange alternative dates there will be no charge for this service, but electropassltd will not offer a refund and will not pay compensation for any candidates expenses.

Where a venue is made unavailable to electropassltd is unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control we will arrange for your exam to be taken at an alternative location at no extra cost to yourself, however, electropassltd will not be responsible for any extra costs you incur attending the new venue.

Any materials supplied by electropassltd that are transmitted either electronically, in paper form or via CD,  must not be copied or distributed.

We are not liable for any damage caused to your equipment through the use of our software, we cannot guarantee that our software will be compatible with your system or be compatible with your anti-virus software.
Electropassltd will not supply you with a copy of the BS 7671: IET 18th Edition Wiring regulations, it is your responsibility to bring a copy with you, additionally, this must only be marked in accordance with City & Guilds guidelines.

Where you have enrolled for remote Invigilation should City & Guilds revoke such option, Electropassltd reserves the right to move you to the nearest Electropass Centre to take your examination at no cost claimable from Electropassltd. The extra fee paid for Remote Invigilation will be refunded.

You have 9 months from enrolment to complete the tutorial and book your exam date. After this period of time to take the exam a further fee of £100 +VAT is payable.

T&C's UPDATE:  As of the 01/09/2022 (Post Covid Restrictions) you now have 3 months from enrolment to complete the tutorial and book your exam date. After this period of time, to take the exam, a further fee of £100 +VAT is payable. Please ensure you register for your exam within this time period to avoid further charges. Thank you