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This is the latest version of the City & Guilds 17th Edition Course updated to include the 3rd Amendment which was introduced in January 2015.


There are no entry requirements for this course which is primarily aimed at practising electricians and domestic installers. It is also popular with other related trades who need to update their understanding and comprehension of the IET Wiring Regulations. 


We are a City & Guilds authorised Centre, our staff have practical experience in the Electrical industry from domestic installations to High Voltage systems. As a Centre we have taught the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations in a number of formats. We have put this experience towards producing an e-learning course that will give you both a thorough understanding of the regulations and the highest possible chance of success in the exam.

 The e-learning course is fully interactive. Right from the outset we open the book and begin to understand its format and how to use the different indexes to access the information required. There are voice overs at key points throughout the presentation where we need to emphasize a point.


Study anytime and anywhere you wish, the course can be accessed through all popular devices PC's, lap tops, tablets and ipads can all be used to log into yours course


We will take you through the seven parts and appendices of the Wiring Regulations, looking at there different indexes and guiding you through typical exam questions.


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BS 7671 17th Edition Course units

Part 1 - Scope, object and fundamental principles

Part 2 - Definitions

Part 3 - Assessment of general characteristics

Part 4 - Protection for Safety

Part 5 - Selection and erection of equipment

Part 6 - Inspection and Testing

Part 7 - Special installations or locations





Once you have completed the Tutorial you will be sufficiently prepared to use

the exam simulator where you will find over 320 typical exam questions.


17th amd3 cover


You will need a copy of the  IET Wiring Regulations 17th Edition

(BS 7671:2008 incorporating amendment number 3:2015) 

ISBN: 978-1-84919-769-4 


For use during your online home study course and for the exam which is open book.

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